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MCS-S-110V Portable Battery Chargers

Portable Chargers
Designed for the most diverse applications (Nicd and Lead Acid batteries).

The portable battery charger has been designed by Meydam Charging Solutions in collaboration with the R&D service of the Belgian railway company and FRONIUS. It is a portable battery charger for indoor and outdoor use.

Our battery charger MCS S-110V series is a multifunctional, portable three-phase (400V L1 + L2 + L3 + N) battery charger with manually adjustable charging voltage (1v - 110V) and an automatic start/stop function with manual override for batteries with residual voltage <2V.

The MCS S-110V charger is available in a 70A and a 90A version.
Portable S 110v

S-110V series 70A

S-110V A70

S-110V series 90A

S-110V A90
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