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The ideal intervention tool for locomotives on site.
Train is always a little bit travel, but not when there are delays or cancellations due to a train coming to a standstill because of a dead battery, for example!

Up to 90% of the trains in the depot cannot leave the depot or are late due to a flat battery. A broken-down train somewhere in the field also causes delays or cancellations.
Today, the trains with a flat battery are coupled to another available train that has to arrive on site with so-called jumper cables. This is an arduous and dangerous undertaking and then also takes up a lot of time. Not at all fitting in with the railroads punctuality policy!
An alternative to restarting a train with a flat battery is to use jump starters. These are lead-acid batteries that can supply the required start-up current. The current ones are heavy (100-150kg), impractical and not durable due to the rapid aging of the internal cells.

And then came the ReSparQ™ (Rescue Energy Spark" or the rescuing energy spark).
The ReSparQ™ is an award-winning innovative product for restarting a diesel train or activating the pantograph on an electric, both with a dead battery.   It is a portable starting aid that allows the train to be restarted anywhere in the field.
The ReSparQ™ is a lightweight (only 20kg), compact, powerful and has a capacity of up to 5000A starting current to start a locomotive 2 or 3 times or to bring the pantograph up to the power cables.

ReSparQ™ UL ( Ultra )

ReSparQ UL
UL is used for startup support of
diesel locomotives with a large start-up power.

ReSparQ™ LI ( Light )

ReSparQ LI
LI is used e.g. to support the startup,
the pantograph, of an electric locomotive.

Reliable power


Light and compact




100% safe

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